Services on Mark (Page 2)

Services on Mark (Page 2)

I Believe, But I Don’t Fully Trust Him

In week four of this series, we will look at how so many people believe in God, and we say we trust Him; however, when it comes down to it, there are many times our actions display just the opposite. Sometimes the most difficult thing we can do it “Let Go & Let God” for in this we have to be willing and able to trust that God is greater than our own abilities. We believe in God yet struggle with trusting Him fully. Come this week and get to as we learn how to move away from being the UNChristian by dealing with the areas, I Believe, But I Don’t Fully Trust Him.

Why Bother?

This week we look at how when we buy into the Why Bother oppositions of fear and doubt, it can truly keep us from seeing God do the impossible through audacious faith.

Living in God’s Abundance

In week #5 of the message series, Eyes Wide Shut, we will look at a Jesus miraculous feeding of the multitudes. Although he amazingly fed all those people, they were all hungry and in need once again…so it had to lead to something else…something more abundant. What would it mean for you to truly live life regardless of circumstance or situation and to always be “fed & full” as this week we analyze a life of Living in God’s Abundance.

Can’t Touch This

In week #4 of the message series, Eyes Wide Shut, we will look at a Jesus heals a man with leprosy a condition that made him an outcast, an untouchable, cut off from everyone & everything. So what does this say for us as Christians & our responsibility toward the untouchables in our society today. This week we challenge when the world says Can’t Touch This.

Raise the Roof

In week #3 of the message series, Eyes Wide Shut, we will look at a Jesus heals a paralyzed man brought to him by friends. This week we will be asking the question, “What would you be willing to do to get someone you love what they need so that they could be well and whole?” Our VBS shares with us briefly and after the service we will go to the N.E. River for our annual baptism service. You don’t want to miss this week as we, Raise the Roof.

Time For A Cool Change

In week #2 of the message series, Eyes Wide Shut, we will look at a Jesus heals a man possessed in the Synagogue in Capernaum. As Christians we recognize that Jesus changed everything on the cross & desires to keep on changing us from the inside out. As the Summer months heat up & so do our lives, this week it is, Time for a Cool Change

Place the Cross on The Hill

At the conclusion of the Good Friday service, and the congregation nailing their palm branches to the cross, the cross was place on the Hill outside the church. Good bless everyone.

Good Friday Service

Checkmate – From the very beginning, the Bible story depicts an eternal chess match. A match between God — who created a world that was “good” and desired to have a love relationship with the people he created — and Satan — who wanted only to destroy the goodness of God and His creation.

Not at Home

This week conclude our series with seeing how all these pressures in life lead us away from the peace of feeling at home.

End of the Innocence

his week we will look at what we do when transitions in life and faith don’t always follow the pattern we expect and what’s left when it’s the End of the Innocence.
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