Services on Colossians

Services on Colossians

His Boy and Our Lord

In the message series, Creed: Knowing Fully What We Believe In, over the next 10 weeks, we will talking about each line of the ancient creed of faith, the Apostles’ Creed.

Fish Wise

When we are “fishing’” there is a consistent concept that constantly needs to be embraced throughout scripture.  Many of us believe we have to have all the Bible on rolodex in our minds.  Often it is not about the knowing but being wise in all situations.  Join us this second week as we look at being Fish Wise.

Will at Work

Over the last several weeks we spoke about God’s Will in a form of discovery and experience of our lives. In week #4 of our series Going Deeper, we will look at the application in the different areas of the lives of individuals in different areas of life and how to go about doing the Will of God when His Will becomes our Desire as we get Going Deeper.

New Life in Christ

Transformation is in our life journey. From the point of birth we are created to grow, and the best kind of change leaves a permanent mark on our faith walk. Throughout this series we learn what it means to become new as individuals and as a church in purpose, history and mission.