Services on 1 Timothy

Services on 1 Timothy

Heaven on Earth

  In the message series, Living on the Prayer, we will journey through the Lord’s Prayer along with church-wide small groups (the Prayer Course) we will learn to grow and deepen in our prayer lives.

Heart of the Matter

God’s design for us is be generous. In this series, we will look at embracing God’s invitation to a life of joyful generosity where we give and receive the blessing form others and given to others.

Ghost of Christmas Past

This week, we will look at forgiveness that seems to be the most debilitating and most difficult to get over in life: Forgiving ourselves and our pasts. God has a plan & a way for that. Find out in this week’s message, Ghost of Christmas Past.


In this third week of the Apps for Life Sermon Series, we will look at the symptoms of greed and how God through the Scripture has an APP for that, that will change our lives.

Looking Back

This time of year as we begin to face a New Year, we cannot help but face looking in the rearview mirrors of our lives at those areas we stumbled in order that we may grow. This week we will end 2012 by looking back on ourselves and how we move past those broken, failed areas to have God use us in tremendous ways.