Radical Urgency

Radical Urgency

Scripture(s): John 4:27-42

Living in theses times in the United States, we find that in many ways these are the greatest times to live due to technology, access, etc.  At the same time we also exist in with an American cultural Christianity that lends itself to limit the full call of discipleship on our live in exchange we to pursue comfort and self-focus rather than what the Jesus of Scripture shared in a different message.

In this series, inspire David Platt’s book Radical, we look at the consistent message of the Gospel that reveals following Christ is costly, for we must die to ourselves. All that we have, even our very lives belong to the One who has called His church, not chasing after worldly things that last and help us achieve the American Dream, but the things that lead us to make disciples of all nations. What would happen if the church intentionally committed to the purposes of God to find true life and satisfaction with a church that is RADICAL.

In week 4 of the Radical message series, we will look at some of the biggest challenges to commitment to radical urgency for the church, and how God calls us to kick it up a notch.

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