Get Ugly

Get Ugly

Scripture:  Matthew 2:1-12 (NIV)
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Christmas is one of those interesting times of the year, it’s filled with all the beautiful lights and decorations; yet, it is also a time filled with gaudy decor and ugly sweaters.  Some have even received them as gifts.  Have you ever received a perfect gift?  I mean one that could even be beyond description?  What about the worst gift?  One that is so horrible that you cannot believe someone gave it to you.

Over the years, I have received a little of both and several in between.  Funny thing is why is it that we only remember the “good gifts” by our definition fondly; yet, we tend to place those “necessity gifts” way down in excitement levels?  Think about it, some of the ugliest sweaters are actually so ugly they are great.  This week we will talk about Get Ugly:  Sweaters & Other Great Gifts and look at the gift of God in Jesus while looking at the ugly gifts the Magi gave to baby Jesus and how what looks ugly can have great significance.

In addition, put on your best UGLY SWEATER and come on out to church as we will also have the 1st Haven Community Church ugly sweater contest!


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