Better is One Handful

Better is One Handful

Scripture(s): Ecclesiastes 4:4-6

You made it through, again. From the point the ball dropped in 2015 you had hopes, dreams and goals that seemed like 2015 was going to be a special year. Now as 2015 has wound down, you look back and wonder if that was it. Has the last year or life in general left you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a rut just hoping that it could all just get better? As we start off this year we ask our, “Can we get better. In this series we will learn how we change things we thing are so important all for something Better.

Do you find yourself “juggling” so many things, maybe you believe you are a “Jack of all trades” and because you are so overwhelmed, you don’t really do anything well or completely.

This week we look at Better Is One Handful. Rather than burdening yourself with so much, maybe it is time for something Better!

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