A Better Name

A Better Name

Scripture(s): Proverbs 22:1-2

 You made it through, again.  From the point the ball dropped in 2015 you had hopes, dreams and goals that seemed like 2015 was going to be a special year.  Now as 2015 has wound down, you look back and wonder if that was it.  Has the last year or life in general left you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a rut just hoping that it could all just get better? As we start off this year we ask our, “Can we get better.  In this series we will learn how we change things we thing are so important all for something Better.

Names.  We all have them, they all mean something.  When people say your name, what do they think? What are you known for?  What is the reaction when your name in mentioned in certain areas?  There may be a number of emotions and feelings when a name in mentioned around you:  anger, fear, tears, etc.  

We will look this week at what it means to have a A Better Name.  A better name does not mean you or perfect but as we learn seeking better is what we have through Christ perfecting us.

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