Services from June 2018

Services from June 2018

Summer In-joyment

We’ve been through celebrations of New Year, Easter, graduations, maybe even birthdays, and here we are at Summertime. In this message, we want to look at how God wants us to enjoy life; yet, you may have found yourself in a season of anything but that. So we want look at how we can all restore the joy of the Lord into our lives in the message, Summer In-joyment.

Aren’t Many Fathers?

We live in a time where Satan desires to harm the father relationship that God made to help us grow.  Many who walk around have wounds based off of broken father or father figure relationships.  This week join us for Aren’t Many Fathers as we seek to find God’s method for restoring us.

Fill ‘r Up

In this last week of the series, we will look at the three Biblical baptisms culminating with what it means to be “filled with” the Holy Spirit. Join us for the message, Fill ‘r Up.

So Gifted

In week #2 we will look at the words Charisma and Charismatic.  So many have missed the point of that word by what we have been taught and displayed when really it’s only about receiving and being open to gifts that God has for you.  Join us for the message, So Gifted.
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