Services from November 2017

Services from November 2017

Ghost of Christmas Wronged

In our new series, Ghosts of Christmas Past, we will boldly look to God to heal us from the “ghosts of Christmas past” so we can embrace the joy we have in Jesus.

Who Does This & Now What?

As we wrap up this Crazy Love series, we will ask the question, “Who really lives like this is it even possible?” After a brief look at that, we will truly embrace the topic what does all this mean for me as a follower of Christ and what do I do with what I’ve learned so that God can receive my Crazy Love.

You Are My Obsession

Have you ever been obsessed with anything? I mean really to the point when you think of nothing else. I could be food, sports, job, a person, etc. What about God? Have you been obsessed with God? An obsessed Christian is an someone who reflects the love of Christ in everything he or she does and is totally surrendered to God. This week in our Crazy Love message series we will look at some of the characteristics of someone who is totally surrendered to God as we analyze our lives saying to God, “You’re My Obsession” and realizing what that means if we really live it out.

Let Me Count the Ways

Who do you love?  I mean who is it or what is it that you love more than anything in the universe?  What is it you desire more than anything?  Do you chase after that person or thing you love?  What about with God?  Do you pursue Him?  Chase Him down? or do you just tolerate Him?  This week we will take time to look at our love for Jesus and as we stop we say to God, “Let Me Count the Ways.”
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