Services from February 2017

Services from February 2017


This week we look at our second woman “Big Dog” and a Big Dog of faith she is. She’s the wife of Abraham, the mother of Isaac, the grandmother of Jacob and a person of faith that is going to take a lap around with us. Big Dog Sarah is taking a lap wrap with us as we learn how when we don’t understand God and we should never get so impatient with waiting that we do our own thing, only making it worse.


This week we look at the life of Jacob. Jacob was one who continually received the blessings of God in so many areas; yet, his life also was riddled with deception, deceit, broken relationships and pain. With Jacob “coming out of the stands” to take a lap around the track of life with us, we will look at what do you do when life does not turn out the way you planned and what we can learn from a wrestling match with ourselves and with God that can help us go the extra mile in life.


This week, we look at Rebekah, a strong “dog” of faith and we ask ourselves, what do you do when someone needs or asks for help? Are you generous or are you focussed on something else.


In this series we’ll look several of the “BIG DOGS” in the Bible, and how they lived in amazing ways, did incredible things for God.  What if, in our life’s race, we could do on lap around the track with one of these BIG DOGS of faith and what would they say to us that could keep us going.
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