Services from February 2014

Services from February 2014

When God is Silent

What exactly does is mean when God is silent? Is it that He is mad or punishing us with the silent treatment? Or, is there something that we can learn about ourselves, God and ourselves with God through the silence. Join us as we discover how to really hear God in the silence.

En Garde

In part six of our series I Have No Clue, Pastor Jack explains how to keep our strong when our situations and lives are attacking us as we go En Garde against these challenges with the Spirit of God.

Moving 18″

Join us this week before Valentine’s Day where we see the “Heart tests” we need to pass in order to get Moving 18” in this week of the sermon series, I Have No Clue.

Super Bold Scars

Where is God in all of this? In week four of the I Have No Clue series, we will look at how through suffering and scars, God uses it all to show His glory while molding and strengthening us in through our scars.
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