I’ve Got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

In this last week of the Perspective Series, we will face the topic that turns our lives upside down the most, worry. So many of us worry, fret, lose sleep, don’t eat, eat too much and bring massive amounts of stress into our lives all for the sake of worrying. What if we can see things differently and come to the realization that worry is a matter of perspective. We are strongly reminded that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of Christ Jesus. We further recognize that in joy of the Lord we find strength. In this week #4 of the Perspective series we will look at ourselves to find out if I’ve Got Joy, Joy Joy, Joy.

See Saw

Look! Do you see that? Right there! It’ looks like… It is always interesting how two people looking at the same thing will see things very differently. Situation, triumphs, tragedies, all seen in different ways. Ultimately in life, was we see really hinges on our past: what we saw. It’s about perspective. What if what we are currently seeing can is based in our experience. What if we can see things differently, through the eyes of the Apostle Paul as week look at this in week #3 of the Perspective series: See Saw.

Think Again

I have always enjoyed and found fascinating when we look at something from one viewpoint and then all of a sudden a “light bulb” goes off and we see it at a completely different way. How does that happen? It happens when we have a mind shift. In week 2 of our series, we will look at the how when we “think again” our mindset really makes a difference in life particularly in our Perspective.

What, Why? Why, What?

In week 1 of our series, we will look at how there are times in life when you are in a place where you don’t understand, you don’t see clearly and you just don’t like it. During these times, even though you can’t necessarily see evidence of it — God is there and is very active in the midst of it all. What do we need to do? We need to learn to look through the circumstances and you can com to realize that God may have a purpose in the middle of all when we learn the power of Perspective.