Close Encounters

Close Encounters


In our final week of the Close Encounters series we get an opportunity to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord by looking at Roads.

Satan’s Seduction

This week we will look at the close encounters that Jesus had with Satan. Additionally, we will look at what Satan wants to do to us and how we can learn from Jesus’ encounters with Satan, how he can be overcome.

Shamrock Surrender

This week in the Close Encounters series we will be looking at the encounter of the man known only as the Rich Young Rule with Jesus and how this meeting could have been life enriching but the choices he made left him with sadness.

Clean Climb

In week #2 of our close encounters series, we will look at the story of Zacchaeus and how everything from a worldly point of view look amazing; yet, he really had a tremendous void.


This week we begin with a new series called, Close Encounters. In the weeks leading up to Easter, we will be looking at individuals in the Bible who had real, life-changing, “close encounters” with Jesus and it forever changed their lives.