Better is Patience

As we conclude our Better series, we look at one of the areas where so many of us are not even settling for good at: Patience. Even so, what we learn is that the Word of God reveals to us, Better is Patience.

A Better Name

We will look this week at what it means to have a A Better Name. A better name does not mean you or perfect but as we learn seeking better is what we have through Christ perfecting us.

Better is Wisdom

You did it again, you did not think before acting and other time you thought you had taken time to think only to feel dumber than ever. What do you need? Wisdom. This week in looking for something Better we will look at our verse how wisdom is better than gold and how Wisdom is Better all around.

Better is One Handful

Do you find yourself “juggling” so many things, maybe you believe you are a “Jack of all trades” and because you are so overwhelmed, you don’t really do anything well or completely. This week we look at Better Is One Handful. Rather than burdening yourself with so much, maybe it is time for something Better!

Better is One Day

As we start off this year we ask our, “Can we get better. In this series we will learn how we change things we thing are so important all for something Better. This week we look at Better Is One Day.