Services on Romans (Page 3)

Services on Romans (Page 3)

High Hopes

In week 2, we look at the life of Abraham and how we spend so much of our lives judge our ourselves by or failing and mistakes. Even so, God dhe doesn’t focus on past mistakes or circumstances, but God view our lives through the lens of Christ, in circumstances where it seems hope is lost, God can use our faith to make real His purpose in our lives, taking our brokenness and giving us, High Hopes.

Your Actions

During this series, we will learn how to purposely embrace in Small Things, for BIG Change. Small Things BIG Change. This week, Your Actions.

Change Life by Changing My Mind

No transformation takes place, no change takes place in your mind or in your life until your thoughts begin to change. Join Haven Community Church this week as we look at how we Change Life by Changing My Mind.

Offend Me

Romans 12: 1-3 (NIV) Everyday it happens. We are just minding our own business, going from point A to point B and then all of a sudden, you see IT, you hear THAT or someone does or says something that offends you. We spend everyday of our lives being offended everyday. It seems as if we are not being offended, we are offending many others. It’s not only about being offended but it seems like we hold on to a right…

Hopelessly Lost, Lost in Hope

There are those weeks and times where life throws all stuff at you that is not fun. During those times we can get hopelessly or we can get lost in the hope of Christ. This week we focus on Paul’s letter to the Romans and how we need to get lost.

Power of Relationships

In this series, Old School Rocks, we will share how we believe in some old school values that still apply today and we have a Lord that believes in taking old things and making them new. In week one, we will revisit our belief in the Power of Relationships.

Community With Insiders

In week#2 we will talk about the importance of community with fellow believers inside the church. Truly what is missing more than ever before is a sense of community and togetherness in the world and even in the church.