Services on Mark (Page 3)

Services on Mark (Page 3)

Dealing with how I’m Feeling

This week I want us to look at what the Bible says about how to manage your emotions: How to deal with how you feel. It is so difficult at times because how what we think influences how we feel and how we feel influences how we act. Through all this, God wants us to manage our emotions, by focussing toward Him and not having us be irrational due to our feelings. This week we will unpack what the Bible says about Dealing with how I’m Feeling as we look to God transforming our lives.

Hear and Now

What’s the difference…God is! Join us this week when our focus this week we seek to know how God is here with us and now anything can happen.

Sleeping in the Storm

Regardless of how the weather is outside, in the winter we fill our homes and automobiles with heat and in the summer with A/C we live weatherless lives. Often we do the same when it comes to life. We try to live lives of “weatherlessly” but eventually the storms come — how to we react and survive the storms.

The Small Things

Now, that I am a father, too. It’s the small things that I want my children to learn and the small things that help shape the large things in life. It’s no different with God, the small things matter to Him. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with a focus on the small things.

In Case of Emergency

The week after Easter has always been an interesting week for the church. In looking at church history it has been called the “Empty Sunday” due to restrictions from abstaining from any work.

whY Fool?

This week is where we will recognize Holy Week by kicking off with the recalling of Palm Sunday. It is also that zany April Fool’s Day. Really?
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