Jim Forsman

Jim Forsman

The purpose of the Finance Ministry is to manage the finances of the church, including managing the collection of all forms of income and ensuring the payment of all expenses and liabilities. The treasurer also acts as the financial liaison with outside institutions. There are opportunities every Sunday to help collect and record the weekly offering. 

The Finance Ministry is also responsible for facilitating annual commitment and budgeting processes for the church. As the church expands and has capital projects, there will be additional needs for fundraising campaigns as well. 


Jim Forsman retired from the DuPont Company in 2008, where he held many senior leadership positions over his 29 year career. His last position was Global Vice President and General Manager of the company’s Safety and Engineering Consulting business, which was one of the largest consulting businesses in the world when he left. Prior to that, he held numerous management positions in Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Business Management. During his career he was posted in numerous domestic and international locations, including Chairman and CEO of a Global Joint Venture with Fujifilm Corporation based in London England.

Jim has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Purdue University, and a dual Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Western Michigan University. He has two grown daughters, Amanda and Andrea, and lives in Elkton, MD with his wife, Jill L Cohen, and step-daughter, Natalie G Hamma.

Facilities Trustee Leader
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Connections Ministry Leader; Outreach & Missions Ministry Leader
Jill Cohen
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