Jill Cohen

Jill Cohen

The Connection Ministry’s purpose is to connect the people of Haven Community Church to the work and ministry of the church.  Connection helps:

  • Identify and share needs of HCC and the members of our church family
  • Provides information and education about church ministries and direction on service opportunities in the church
  • Raises awareness in church events and activities
  • Facilitates communication between members, church ministries and pastor where needed

Anyone interested in helping with communication efforts of the church is welcome to participate. We welcome all different types of communication skills and gifts including speaking, writing, Word Processing, web-design, videography & graphic design.

The Missions Ministry’s purpose is to provide God’s love to the people outside of the church when they are in need.

  • Haven’s Helping Hands (Missions) – The vision for community outreach is to provide support to our community and its people who are in need, offering encouragement and hope to all God’s children with the love of Christ
Treasurer; Finance Ministry Leader; Director
Jim Forsman
Michael Brandon
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