Praise Team

Praise Team

The purpose of the Praise team is to simply lead the congregation in song and praises to God

Our focus is to lead without distraction or draw attention away from Him. Matthew 18:20 says ” For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
Praising God thru song is an important part of Haven Community Church services.

If music and singing are your passion and you feel God calling you to use what He gave you to serve Him, start the conversation and see where it goes. Being a full-time regular is not required but attending practice and being committed & accountable is.  Warning: Once you start it’s hard to stop!!  Auditions are required to gauge talent level and to also check where you are in your walk.  We all walk at a different pace so don’t worry about where you are as long as you are walking and not standing still.  The worship team is a small group dynamic so accountability is key.   Leave your ego at the altar and come on out.

Special music performances are occasionally incorporated into regular Sunday worship.  If you have other gifts (i.e. Dance,  Art, Speak) that you feel you could bring to glorify God in a worship setting, tell us about it. The Spirit moves when we move to honor what He created.

Praise Team Leader: Keith Edwards
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