Haiti Mission Trip

Haiti Mission Trip

2018 Haiti Mission Trip

Our ministry opportunities in this mountainous country could be endless, so we have partnered with Pastor Hug, who ministers to the people of Gressier. Through our support during and since our first mission trip in August 2017, he has been able to educate young children in a small school we helped construct, and minister to them weekly at his church he renamed Haven Community Church – Haiti.

We now have 28 people from Haven that will be going on our second Mission Trip, scheduled for August 4th – 10th. Each person will have $1400 in trip expenses, including airfare, food, lodging and transportation while in Haiti. You can make a donation for yourself, a specific team member, or for the team in general using the “Support Our Mission Team” button below.

We also anticipate there to be additional expenses in materials to continue construction of the school and church buildings. You can donate to those using the “Support Our Mission Work” button.


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Everyone has a Reason Why They Are Going on This Mission Trip. Check Back Often to Read More from Other Team Members.

Debbie DiVirgilio

God is calling me to serve him in multiple ways in every area of my life. Each of us is called to take the Gospel to others….to make disciples. I want to be part of the work God is doing throughout the world as his kingdom is built. In addition to working with...

Karli Snyder

I would like to be apart of this missions trip to Haiti to not only humble myself, but help others that need it. I want to grow closer with God and help other along the way.

Jonathan Wight

I feel that God is calling me to go back to Haiti because last years trip was only the beginning of a huge difference that we can make in people’s lives through God. For me last years trip was a very eye opening experience and was extremely humbling. I am...

Wes Hewitt

I had wanted to go on a mission trip for a long time and in 2004 I had the opportunity to go to Kinshasa, Democratic republic of Congo. My heart was touched by the poverty of the people. And that they were able to still show thanks for what they did have. I went back...

Natalie Hamma

I am interested in going to Haiti to help the people I’ve gotten to know and love build their faith and their community as well set a foundation for others there to show the same love and knowledge to others in their country/community as I have.

Jim Forsman

Over my life time I have been very blessed, and have had the opportunity to live, work, and travel around the world. During that time I have seen first hand the disparity in the lives of God’s people in every region of the world. Those experiences were impactful, and...

Joanne Edwards

I have been blessed by God’s love and mercy throughout my life. This trip is a way for me to thank him for all He has done for me. God wants us to make a difference in this world by serving others and by giving back, either here in our own country or abroad....

Keith Edwards

In 2011 I was deployed to Afghanistan and found myself seeking God more and more. My mission there was security of the air base and surrounding area. Our foot patrols led us into the local villages where we would talk to and help the villagers with food, supplies, and...

Dale Ross

My wife and I have been thinking of doing a mission trip for a few years, but never made the commitment. As we sat in church and listened to the testimony from last years mission, we knew immediately we were being called to go. I was very excited when my children...

Jack Cohen

After 22 years of ministry, I cannot recall a such a powerful move of the Holy Spirit as has happened with our first mission to Haiti. Pastor Hug and the community of Gressier have become an extended family to us as well as a sister church. The relationships God...

Tommy Boyd

My wife went last year and shared her experience with me. After hearing that the construction was mostly masonry work, I thought I could be helpful to the community. I have been a mason for over 30 years. I would like to maybe share some of my knowledge with the...

Rachael Boyd

Since returning from Haiti last summer, my life was profoundly impacted not by only the experience in Haiti but also the bond formed with the Haven team. Last year, I wanted to go to Haiti because God had blessed my life in so many ways that helping others was the...

Kim McKnight

I have a strong urge to help people in need and feel this trip will be extremely rewarding for me, spiritually and professionally! I am looking forward to the trip!

Patty Ross

From this time last year when the church starting planning their trip to Haiti it has been something I have thought about. I feel that it will be extremely eye opening to me and my family (my husband and two children are also going) to experience the life that less...

McKenzie Asplen

After being a part of the 2017 trip, I feel God pulling my feet & spirit back in Haiti’s direction. There is excitement towards the possibility of continuing to nurture bonds established last year as well as my own relationship with God.

Alysa Ross

I am excited for my first mission trip. I hope to use this opportunity to grow faith. I appreciate that my family is going so that I may share this experience with them. I hope my family and I all better our relationship with God. While in Haiti, I am eager for the...

Emma Gayle Cohen

After many prayers, I feel that God is calling me to be apart of this trip. Last August I took part in the mission trip the first time we stepped foot in Haiti. Personally I formed many unbreakable bonds with the people in Haiti, I can’t wait to see their bright...
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