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Ministry opportunities in this mountainous country are endless. Our recent mission trip focused on community evangelism & development, supporting a new church plant, and encouraging local teams as they strive to build sustainable ministries that make a long-term impact in communities across the country. 

God has called Haven Community Church to the area of Gressier, about an hour North West of Port-au-prince. Pastor Hug Pierre, has heard God’s calling to start a church in the area. While he has been holding services in a tent on his property, we helped start the permanent building for classrooms to serve the many children. Though needs are many, education is one of the greatest in the community.

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Photos from the Trip

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These are the original stories of people who went on the Mission Trip in August. Hear what they have to say during our September 17th Service.

Lisa Osborne

I have always known that God loves me.  I have been active in my church family all of my life.  Certain times of my life I have felt God’s presence more than other like during my Walk to Emmaus and during my second baptism.  I never had a life altering, mind blowing...
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Rachel Boyd

In November 2009, I came to Haven Church. I came empty, broken, sad and plagued with personal demons. I came to Haven because I didn’t know where else to go. When I walked in, I had no expectations, no plan. I gave up expectations long ago as they usually led to...
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Jonathan & Laura Wight

We have both talked about going on a mission trip for several years now. We are looking forward to meeting the local people in Haiti and spreading God’s word and love to them as he has so graciously given to us.  We are excited to go and participate in the different...
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Debbie DiVirgilio

Hi, I am Debbie DiVirgilio. By serving others, we are able to show the love of Jesus. I went on my first international mission trip nine years ago and from the time I returned, I knew that I wanted to go again. The experience changed my life, helping me to understand...
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Jim Forsman

Over my life time I have been very blessed, and have had the opportunity to live, work, and travel around the world. During that time I have seen first hand the disparity in the lives of God’s people in every region of the world.  Those experiences were...
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Jill Cohen

We are so blessed in this country and we take it so much for granted. Last year, when our church did the “Radical” study, I was struck by the reality that we are Gods plan to reach, serve, feed, clothe, minister to and love those who are in need! There is...
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Natalie Hamma

The reason I want to go on this mission is because I’ve been so blessed to be adopted from Russia and can live in this country, but as I have lived here I’ve looked around at other countries and saw their challenges to survive and I felt like God was...
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EmmaGayle Cohen

My name is EmmaGayle Cohen and I am a junior attending Rising Sun High School. Throughout my life I have grown up hearing the word of God and knowing how he loves me. This summer on August 5, 2017 I am lucky enough to have to opportunity to fly to Haiti on a mission...
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Shelly Bomba

Last summer, our 2 year old daughter, Isabella developed a rare infection in her knee that left her hospitalized for several days. We were so grateful for the trained doctors, nurses and medical technology for the timely diagnosis that could have been fatal if it...
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Tessa Smith

In Lauren Daigle’s song “How can it be” it says “You plead my cause, You right my wrongs, You break my chains”.  I’ve looked up to Lauren Daigle ever since I heard this song about 3 years ago when I moved back to Delaware. I saw she...
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Sonya Roland

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” M.T. We see the tragedies and misfortunes of the world everyday but not often enough are we reminded of the light of God. We have been lucky enough to be born in a country...
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McKenzie Asplen

My name is McKenzie Asplen and I am a sophomore at Bohemia Manor. Being apart of a church community for so long has allowed me to hear the incredible variety in journeys from several people. Their stories of personal struggle with inner demons, victories in overcoming...
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Jamie Snyder

After suffering for many years with uncontrolled anxiety, feeling like I had nowhere to turn, I turned to Christ.  I felt like my life was spiraling downward, I felt like things were out of “control”.  I remember coming to church one Sunday and hear Pastor Jack talk...
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Dacota Snyder

As a 13 year old I find that I often think just about me, not taking the time to think about what others do or don’t have, including love for Jesus Christ. The mission trip to Haiti is my first step in sharing that love he has for all people.  I want to help those who...
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