Current Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests: If you have someone who is in need of prayer, you can send requests to Debbie Chadwick at or use the button below.

There are also opportunities  for Haven to send a card, provide a meal or arrange a visit.


Please Remember in Prayer (April 11, 2021)
Pastors: Jack Cohen, Hug Pierre, (Haiti)

Those in hospital or recovering from surgery: Phil Lester, Jay Brisco, Gary Lake, Jonathan Osborn, Greg Harvey, Hunter Smith, Bennet Walters, Rebecca Stecher, Jacob Yoder,

Those struggling either spiritually, with addictions, emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically: Rig Jr., Joanna Frederick, Dale Ross, Gary Stumpf, Bill Whigham, Joe Fleming, Martina Cox, Lou Shough, Debbie Ross, Liz Ashby,

Prayers for those struggling with COVID-19.

Also for: Paris Foundation, Small Groups, Stephen Ministers, Leadership Team, Chrysalis, Unemployed, Our Country & Leaders, Teachers & Students, Emergency Personal, Military, Tyler DiMauro, Jeremy Smith.

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