Current Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests: If you have someone who is in need of prayer, you can send requests to Debbie Chadwick at or use the button below.

There are also opportunities  for Haven to send a card, provide a meal or arrange a visit.


Please Remember in Prayer (January 24, 2021)
Pastors: Jack Cohen, Hug Pierre, (Haiti)

Those in hospital or recovering from surgery: , Greg Harvey, Hunter Smith, Bill Russell, Bennet Walters, Kelly Talley, Rebecca Stecher, Jacob Yoder,

Those struggling either spiritually, with addictions, emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically: Rig Jr., Liz Stephens, Baby Vance Gillespie, Brian Prestori, Janet Hammer, Martina Cox, Ginny Magaw, Connie Cohen, Lou Shough, Joan Friedman, Debbie Ross, Gary Stumpf, Liz Ashby,

Family and Friends for their loss of Catherine Reeves,

Prayers for those struggling with COVID-19.

Also for: Paris Foundation, Small Groups, Stephen Ministers, Leadership Team, Chrysalis, Unemployed, Our Country & Leaders, Teachers & Students, Emergency Personal, Military, Tyler DiMauro, Jeremy Smith.

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